FORMABLOK Products - NEW on the market!

FORMABLOK is a DIY re-usable block mold that allows the user to cast their own landscaping blocks with their own creative concrete mixes, or simply poured with leftover concrete from other projects.  After concrete hardens, forms can be stripped and ready for re-pour in only a few minutes.

The forms come in 4 styles/sizes: full block and half block, with two configurations: dowel top and flat top. Together they create dry stack, multi-axis, interlocking cement blocks. These simple versatile configurations allow the user to build any sort of landscaping structure imaginable with no cutting or core filling. Use your creative imagination - take a look at some of the projects we have built .


2 FORMABLOK mold designs:

  • Standard FULL BLOK
  • Standard HALF BLOK

2 different Top styles:

  • Dowel Top
  • Flat Top

Standard FULL BLOK

Approx. 400mm(16") long
200mm (8") wide
200mm (8") high

$139.95 Cdn
Choose: Dowel Top or Flat Top

Choose Style:

Standard HALF BLOK

Approx. 200mm (8") diameter
200mm(8") high

$94.95 Cdn
Choose: Dowel Top or Flat Top

Choose Style:

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FORMABLOK molds are available without straps (for mass production ) at a reduced cost. Contact Us .