How to Create your concrete blocks with FORMABLOK

FORMABLOK Instructions Step-by-Step

mixer01.jpg 1. Spray or wipe form release oil inside plastic caps and metal sidewall strip.

2. Lay plastic form bottom on table with dowels and sidewalls pointing up

3. Insert one end of the metal side wall closest to the radius curve into the slot in the plastic bottom

4. Insert the other end of the metal sidewall into the same slot.

5. Push the metal side form around the circumference of the bottom plastic form until firmly at the bottom of the slot.

6. Repeat the same procedure installing the top cap gently tapping to confirm it is properly seated.

7. Install straps and tighten firmly.

8. Tip form on its side with the fill hole pointing up and fill with concrete, vibrate or shake as necessary to remove any trapped air.

9. Wait 24 hrs, remove straps first, then remove plastic lids, tip block up and remove metal strip

10. Clean and re-oil for next pour.

drill01.jpg poured01.jpg

Above is typically what you need if you pour on a 1 block a day production schedule. Slowly add water to 1 part concrete powder, 3 parts sand while mixing until you have a "pancake batter" type mix. Give the mold a few shakes to confirm the concrete is settled. Wait 24 hours to remove the mold. Add fresh release agent to the form and re-assemble, ready for the next pour.

Mass Block Production

For the really serious block pourer!

funnel.jpg funnel2.jpg

massproduction.jpg massproduction2.jpg

To the left is what the more serious block pourer uses. 1 part concrete to 5 parts navi jack, or with leftovers at the redi-mix plant. Notice in the picture that the forms are clamped in the pouring station eliminating the need for straps. In the picture to the right you can also see the electric motor on the bottom that vibrates the forms.