About FORMABLOK - the ultimate DIY concrete block mold

FORMABLOK is a DIY re-usable block mould that allows the user to cast their own landscaping blocks with their own creative concrete mixes, or simply poured with left over concrete form other projects.  After concrete hardens forms can be stripped and ready for re-pour in only a few minutes.

FORMABLOK molds are designed to be EASY to use, even for amateurs. No skills required!

The Benefits of FORMABLOK-ing

One of the largest challenges of redi mix producers is what to do with the leftover "unhardened" cement after delivery to a customer. Between 4% and 8% of annual production is returned to the plants. Traditionally most producers have been pouring large lock blocks which have a very limited market place. FORMABLOK has now produced a form that can be poured and re-used quickly and efficiently while producing a product that almost everyone can use.

  • No footing necessary
  • Free draining
  • Can conform to any ground configuration with minimum excavation
  • Ideal for stream side work  (will not speed water flow)
  • Can be made in a variety of colors and face patterns (personalized)
  • Can be poured from "waste" concrete
  • Much cheaper price than any comparable block available today
  • No core filling or mortaring required
  • No cutting
  • Less environmental impact
  • Cheaper than ready-made concrete blocks

form_lg.jpg form_open_lg.jpg

Above is a typical full block form.
The new patented design allows the mold to come apart in three pieces which makes the use of monograms or texture inserts easy.
To the right is a picture of the form apart.

blocks01_lg.jpg columns.jpg

Blocks fresh out of the mold at different stages of curing. Full blocks weigh approx. 32kg. and the half block weighs 13kg. Above to the right is a picture of blocks stacked in different column configurations waiting to start the next project.